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"For Boats, even the uglier ones, are among the loveliest creations of man’s hands, and though owning them brings a train of debts, hangnails, bruises, bad frights, and all kinds of worries not experienced by those who content themselves with more practical vices, the relation between man and his boat is as personal and intimate as the relation between husband and wife" - DESMOND HOLDRIDGE



Kit failure at the ‘pointy end’

Although the rest of the crew enjoy the moon for their watches, it is long gone by my watch so I could not spot the problem until the first light of dawn. The first ‘giveaway’ was a slack luff on… Continue Reading →


Deciding (probably wrongly as the wind strength panned out) to stick with our sailplan and have a safe day tracking downwind, I was fearing that I would not have much to report but how wrong could I be. Mid-afternoon, Bob… Continue Reading →

Blow the wind Southerly

We are now a Southerly yacht both by make and position. We have maintained our twin jib sailplan and tracked dead downwind which has taken us well south of the rhumb line to become one of the most southerly of… Continue Reading →


My first duty this morning is to say…………………….. Yes, it’s working !!!!!! The watermaker is working – the jointed pipe dropped with a weight on the end of it, down the keel box, past the keel and into the water… Continue Reading →

We are off

Preparations became somewhat frenetic as the yachts connected to the water supply to fill their tanks prior to departure. This large demand reduced the water pressure to next to nothing so there was only a trickle coming out of the… Continue Reading →

Last night in Mindelo

Proof !!!!! The organised excursion around the Island was interesting with the small coach struggling up to the summit along steep, narrow, paved switchback roads. The views would have been stunning had there been better visibility through the low cloud… Continue Reading →

4th !!!!!!

After early morning rain, the day continued to be overcast and clammy. Our mission for the day was to obtain the necessary pipework and fittings to effect a re-working of the watermaker connections. After some time spent in trawling the… Continue Reading →

Sleeping dogs

After a short night’s sleep, I have to confess to waking to a slight headache, probably due to a lack of sleep…………… Exploring Mindelo on a Sunday morning probably doesn’t show it at its best being rather quiet apart from… Continue Reading →

Mindelo at last

Quite an interesting arrival in the Cape Verde Islands with none of the charted navigational lights working and the island inside which we had to finish at 11.31pm showing as nothing more than a menacing  presence. The stowing of the… Continue Reading →

Blighus Maximus

Light winds have persisted and this has not favoured heavy old Hejira. We did very well against the lightweight production yachts in the big winds and our sail plan is well suited to the point of sail but they are… Continue Reading →

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