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"For Boats, even the uglier ones, are among the loveliest creations of man’s hands, and though owning them brings a train of debts, hangnails, bruises, bad frights, and all kinds of worries not experienced by those who content themselves with more practical vices, the relation between man and his boat is as personal and intimate as the relation between husband and wife" - DESMOND HOLDRIDGE



One of the best

We closed land at dawn and the day started bright but not breezy as we motored through the channel inside Ushant. Our timing was perfect as we picked up the first of the ‘flush’ and we recorded 11.6 knots of… Continue Reading →

Piccadilly Circus

Of the perverse activities since the last blog was our attempt at aerial photography using a kite and tiny waterproof camera, both presents from my daughter Rebecca. The kite flew a treat and with sufficient tension to support the weight… Continue Reading →

Certainment Monsieur

One of the joys of the deck saloon layout is the ability to maintain a watch from inside in inclement weather. Maybe we are going soft but I call cold, grey and raining pretty inclement. Being able to sit at… Continue Reading →


With Peter on watch, at 0130 he decided to start the engine to maintain our pace as the wind dropped away. He had forgotten that we sail with the engine in gear astern to feather the propeller and when he… Continue Reading →


With the prospect of the wind increasing and already under sail with a thankfully silent engine, it seemed prudent to decant the diesel stowed in containers on the aft deck into the tanks while we still can. This is a… Continue Reading →


We plod on under the engine with the drizzle replaced by thick fog. Thank goodness for AIS and radar. We have little wind and that from behind so our progress matches the wind speed. At least the sea state has… Continue Reading →

The ‘C’ Word

The SSE wind of between 15 and 25 knots gave us a good sail but the day was grey and drizzly so we mostly watched from down below. The deck saloon layout and clear washboards give good visibility from down… Continue Reading →

Close Encounter

The day offered little in the way of wind and that from an unhelpful direction so we continued to assist our progress with the engine. We said our goodbyes to the crew of Alegria over the VHF as our courses… Continue Reading →

Lucky Escape

Our perceived weather window was more ajar than open and although the German yacht ‘Cerce’ left as planned, Alegria and Hejira chose to spend the night in the marina and leave at first light. In theory, to leave after a… Continue Reading →


The mission was to get the jobs ticked off before exploring the City and first among these was to replace the membrane on the water-maker. This turned out to be a surprisingly easy job and the mechanism was ‘fired up’… Continue Reading →

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