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"For Boats, even the uglier ones, are among the loveliest creations of man’s hands, and though owning them brings a train of debts, hangnails, bruises, bad frights, and all kinds of worries not experienced by those who content themselves with more practical vices, the relation between man and his boat is as personal and intimate as the relation between husband and wife" - DESMOND HOLDRIDGE



Security Bars

Yachting Monthly July 2016 Security Bars

Breathing Underwater

This appeared in the June 2016 Yachting Monthly:-

Just suck it up!

This article was published in the May 2016 Yachting Monthly and the process is also referred to in the Technical section of this web site under ‘Rubbish Problems.

Bob’s Alumni Magazine

Bob who crewed on the ARC+ crossing was asked to write an account for his old school (Daniel Stewart’s College in Edinburgh) Alumni magazine which, following some school mergers is now known as the ‘Stewart’s Melville College Former Pupils Magazine’…. Continue Reading →

Miss Bones

This letter was published in the Caribbean Compass in March 2016. It was written by Lynn Mines (my sister-in-law) following the rescue of an abandoned dog from Petit Nevis (between Bequia and Mustique) during our cruise through St. Vincent and… Continue Reading →

Rotary talk

I was invited to do this talk by my next door neighbour, Bob Calaz but, as is usual with these things, the report is wrong on a number of counts and it would seem they made much of it up!… Continue Reading →

Colloquial terminology

This letter was published in the May 2015 Yachting monthly. Curiously, the reference to ‘Egyptian PT’ had been edited out! I was blessed with a variety of crew during my cruise around the UK last year. During discussions on the… Continue Reading →

Downwind sails

This letter was published in the March 2015 Yachting Monthly I was surprised that in the downwind sail analysis in the December Yachting Monthly,  the Parasailor was not evaluated. I use this sail with both guys through blocks on the… Continue Reading →

Appropriate place names

This is the Email exchange with Yachting Monthly :- Thanks Nick, we love this one! We’ve put it on our facebook page. Thanks for getting in touch, YM From: Nick Mines <hejira.sailing@gmail.com> Reply-To: “hejira.sailing@gmail.com” <hejira.sailing@gmail.com> Date: Thursday, 8 January 2015… Continue Reading →

Cold up front

This article didn’t feature although I think it is an interesting hypothesis:- Sirs, While ‘chewing the fat’ in the cockpit on passage this summer, we were all agreed that the forecabin was colder than anywhere else in the yacht. The… Continue Reading →

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