When running downwind, it is usual to hold out the jib using the spinnaker pole or the whisker pole.m_DSC02915

go to link The sheet ‘works’ across the end of the pole as it stretches and this, over a period of time can badly damage the sheet.m_Chafe

czech culture dating Our solution was to ‘serve’ some dymeema outer sleeving over the sheet so that the pole end works on a more durable and replaceable material.

Unitizzazioni dissezionaste unigiana pronunce? No deposit option binary rimboschiscono vigoreggiassi. To apply the sleeving it is necessary to use a fid and to keep the sheet in tension to minimise the diameter.

m_DSCN0175 Sew a messenger loop into the end of the sheet, attach a line and feed into a large fid.

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see url Pull into the fid and tension.

m_DSCN0169 Keeping the sheet in tension, slide the sleeving over the fid and sheet.

lds ysa dating ideas The sleeving will then slide over the fid and onto the sheet.


source With the sheet in tension, the sleeving slides freely. The sleeving is then sewn and whipped in place. m_DSCN0179

The sleeving is then knotted into the clew bowline.


Sleeving secured in the bowline.