here Of the perverse activities since the last blog was our attempt at aerial photography using a kite and tiny waterproof camera, both presents from my daughter Rebecca. The kite flew a treat and with sufficient tension to support the weight of the camera. The problem came when the camera support frame was being hoisted up the kite line and we ended up in such a tangle that took ages to unravel by which time we had lost our appetite for photography and we aborted the mission. Our efforts did however snap some pictures of the camera shy Peter.

m_DSC08180 Let’s go fly a kite At 2230, we found ourselves crossing the shipping that was funnelling into and out of the Ushant separation zone and it was intense. Couple this with random fishing vessels constraining the ability to make course changes and you will understand that it was necessary to call two ships to agree the avoiding action we would each take. This rather focussed activity and kept us all wide awake until well into the early hours so our watch discipline was abandoned for a while as a result of the expediency of the situation.

watch As it currently stands, we will have little wind from now on and it looks as though the rest of our passage will involve Mr Yanmar. The predictability of speed under engine suggests that we could make a tide through the Needles channel on Friday evening and we are salivating at the prospect of a pint of bitter and steak and chips in Yarmouth! We may just be able to pick up a buoy outside the harbour and take a quick taxi ashore before closing time………..